Centaurus, BA. 2.75

Cogito, ergo sum

10 August 2022
Will ‘Centaurus’ be the next global coronavirus variant? Indian cases offers clues
The BA.2.75 variant is rising fast in the country, but hospitalization rates are low so far.

As countries await the end of COVID-19 surges caused by the variant BA.5, researchers are on the lookout for what will come next.

An Omicron subvariant called BA.2.75 — and nicknamed ‘Centaurus’ by some on social media — is rising fast in India. A few scientists are sounding the alarm, whereas others say it’s too early to tell whether the variant will spread widely. In India, it doesn’t yet seem to be driving up hospitalization or death rates.

BA.2.75 has been detected in more than 20 countries worldwide, and researchers are waiting to learn whether it will substantially elevate case numbers after a wave of infections with BA.5.

A slew of studies suggests that the two variants have roughly similar capacities to dodge immunity conferred by infection and vaccination. This suggests that ‘Centaurus’ might not push cases much higher outside India — at least not while population immunity is high and before the variant picks up many extra mutations.

On the alert
Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 variants is falling by the wayside in many countries, but India seems to be at the epicentre of the spread of BA.2.75. This mutation-laden lineage evolved from the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron, which spread widely in early 2022 (see ‘Pathogen progression’).

Researchers in India have sequenced more than 1,000 samples of the variant since May. The data suggest that about two-thirds of new cases there are currently caused by BA.2.75, says Shahid Jameel, a virologist at the University of Oxford, UK, who previously led India’s SARS-CoV-2 sequencing consortium (see ‘‘Centaurus’ grows’).

The variant seems to have a “quite sizeable” transmission advantage over BA.5 in India, says Tom Wenseleers, an evolutionary biologist at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, who has modelled its rise. “This would definitely cause an infection wave,” he says. The number of confirmed infections — a sliver of the probable true number — is up across India, Wenseleers notes, as is the percentage of tests that come back positive (a more reliable measure when testing rates are low).

So far, BA.2.75 has been detected at relatively low rates outside India, in countries including Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom, which are in the middle of or just past the peaks of surges caused mainly by BA.5.

As a result, Jameel does not expect BA.2.75 to trigger big waves in most places. “We’re coming to a point where these variants are sort of competing with each other and they’re almost equivalent,” he says. “I think people who have had BA.5 will not have a breakthrough infections with BA.2.75, and vice versa.”

Neck and neck
Laboratory studies posted on preprint servers in recent weeks lend credence to this idea1–5. Several teams have found that the two variants have a similar ability to evade antibodies triggered by vaccination and previous infection, with BA.5 showing a slight edge over its distant cousin. This makes BA.2.75’s rise in India — where BA.5 is also present — fairly perplexing, says Yunlong Richard Cao, an immunologist at Peking University in Beijing who co-led one of the studies1. “It’s weird.”

His team thinks that India’s immunity profile is part of the explanation. In 2021, the country saw an explosive wave of cases caused by the Delta variant, which shares a key mutation with BA.5. Cao suspects that previous Delta infections provide added protection against BA.5, leaving an opening for BA.2.75.

Cao and his team found that several people who had had Delta infections after vaccination produced antibodies that were more potent against BA.5 than against BA.2.75. “My guess is that BA.2.75 probably won’t prevail that much outside India”, especially in countries that weren’t hit hard by Delta, Cao adds.

Other researchers say the small number of Delta infections after vaccination in Cao and his colleagues’ study means the hypothesis should be treated with caution. Moreover, Wenseleers has found tentative signs that BA.2.75 might be spreading a little faster than BA.5 in some countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

He predicts that BA.2.75 will continue to grow globally, particularly in Asia and Oceania. But there are also signs that another Omicron sub-lineage that’s growing in Europe and North America, called BA.4.6, is just as transmissible as BA.2.75. „We might end up with an eclectic mix of Omicron descendants, with different ones reaching dominance in different parts of the world,“ Wenseleers says.

No hospitalization surge
So far, India isn’t seeing a significant rise in hospitalizations from its ‘Centaurus’ wave, says Jameel, who gives credit to the combined effects of high rates of vaccination and of previous infection. “This hybrid immunity is going to largely protect and keep people out of hospitals,” he adds.

Wenseleers and others expect the same pattern to be repeated elsewhere — whether the next variant is BA.2.75 or something else entirely. “Higher and higher population immunity leads to less and less severe consequences for most people,” he says.

If BA.2.75 doesn’t spread widely now, it could in several months’ time, as it picks up new immune-evading mutations and protection caused by BA.5 infection wanes, says Cao. Some BA.2.75 sequences include a mutation found in BA.5, called L452R, that could augment the variant’s ability to reinfect people, he adds. “This is what makes it scary.”

Even if hospitalization and death rates stay low in a wave caused by Centaurus or whatever comes next, researchers say, the high frequency of infection waves could mean more long COVID and general disruption caused by high levels of illness. “The next thing we need to do is bring down infection volumes,” says Wenseleers. “At the end of the day, that’s the problem.”

doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-022-02154-4

Cao, Y. et al. Preprint at bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.07.18.500332 (2022).

Sheward, D. J. et al. Preprint at bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.07.19.500716 (2022).

Wang, Q. et al. Preprint at bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.07.31.502235 (2022).

Wang, X. et al. Preprint at bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.08.04.502716 (2022).

Saito, A. et al. Preprint at bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.08.07.503115 (2022).“


China, Russia…
Iran, India…
I am on your side.


Fucked the World…
Not yet!

„In einer Fabrikhalle wenige Kilometer östlich von London steht ein riesiger Computer, der darüber bestimmt, wie gefährlich der „Islamische Staat“ ist. Wie viel Macht der amerikanische Präsident Barack Obama besitzt. Wie lange Venezuela noch zahlungsfähig ist. 11.02.2016″


Bitte lesen

Wo ich auf die Welt kam noch wo ich satt werde…
Weder land noch Leute…
AMerika aber Engländer es IST erst der Anfang



Wärmepumpen und Solaranlagen: Hohe Kosten schrecken vor Kauf ab
Benedikt Müller-Arnold – Vor 1 Std.

Viele Hausbesitzer wollen sich eine Fotovoltaikanlage oder moderne Heizung anschaffen – doch längst nicht alle können das finanziell stemmen. Aber nicht nur die Kosten sind ein Hindernis.“


Ihr WERDET verstehen, IHR WERDET
Ich Pfeife aus dem letzten Loch, mein Herz…
Aber viel schlimmer ich kriege keine Luft…
Ich bin kaum in der Lage einen Finger zu rühren, NEIN…
Ich habe es immer noch nicht gefunden…
Ich wäre nicht ich wenn ich nicht redundanz der redundanz der redundanz schaffen würde…
Es ging darum das Ding hatte NUR 60 Watt…
Alle anderen besitzen höhere Leistungen. Wie gesagt alles funktioniert im Model…
Bis auf eins das habe ich nachgebaut real…
Für Sohnemann, für meinen Neffen und Nichte…
Stromversorger und oder der (…)

„Bağımsızlık Benim Karakterimdir“, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Es IST ja auch NUR eine Notlösung…
Man könnte es auf Dauerbetrieb umkonstruieren…
Ich bin ein Jäger und Angler, hier in Deutschland NUR Angler aber einer…
Der auf Komfort bedacht ist, ich KANN und WILL NICHT auf Bequemlichkeit verzichten wenn es nicht unbedingt von Nöten ist.

Ich KANN aus Wasser, Wind und Sonne Energie erzeugen ja auch ein Notstromaggregat ist vorhanden…
Es macht aber mehr Spaß wenn man es selber macht.

Reserven SIND wichtig…
Auch Strategische.

Die einfachsten Lösungen sind oft DIE besten…
Es muss nicht immer technischer Schnickschnack sein…
Das Wissen um…
zum Beispiel die Farblehre ODER ganz simple Spiegel tuen es auch…
Gewusst wie!


Deshalb bevorzuge ich die Russen, ihre technik…
Aber zuverlässig.

— Geplante Obsoleszenz —
Und dann UMWELT…
„wo sollen wir Leben?“
Flen, flen…
Leckt mich doch am Arsch!

Ich sagte es bereits, als noch „niemand“ darüber sprach war ich „mittendrin“
Mein Werdegang…

LÜGEN, bewusstes Täuschen SIND hier VERBOTEN!

>>> Compaq <<<
Heut HP…
(HP hat Compaq aufgekauft, lang LANG ist es her)
NEIN ich mache KEINE Werbung…
Lasst mich Ausreden…
Ich hatte erst angefangen zu Arbeiten, ein SchleppTop…
Riesen Dinger damals…
Ich bin eine Wendeltreppe damit runtergefallen…
Ich WAR am Arsch, der Compaq hatte noch nicht einmal einen Kratzer!


Gesetz zum NACHKAUF von Ersatzteilen, Hallo wann WURDE es erst auf den Weg gebracht???


Zu meiner Zeit hattest du 5 Jahre Nachkauf GARANTI…
von mir aus seid mir Böse…
Fickt sie die Rindviecher FICKT SIE…
UND ihre Kälber…
Zum geht nicht mehr…
Denn sie verdienen es nicht besser!

HATIRLA, Önder ne demişti? Herkes bakar TÜFE’ye Önder ÜFE’ye. Herkes gider Mersine, Önder tersine. Millet giyer kışın çorap Önder YAZIN

Cogito, ergo sum

Bak güzel kardeşim…
Esnaf evladıyım…
Geçmiş “ticarethanelerde”

ESAS vurguncu…
ESAS hırsız…
ESAS NAMUSUZ devletin başında.

Örneğin DÖVIZ, sürdürülemez ya sürdürülemez…
Can dayanmaz…
— HATIRLA tanzim satışlarını falan —
Olan ÖNCE üreticiye sonra tüketiciye olacak, sonra bana söylemedi…

Yine anımsa…
5 Tayyip Lirası ÖNCEDEN seni uyardım mi uyarmadım mi?

OmuzLAR, seyredeceksin elin kolun bağlı…

I’m glad you’re beginning to understand. I will not write what you are hoping for as long as I cannot see. Even when I was working… People had to work as I or my colleagues once defined it. First… When I see it continues

Cogito, ergo sum

US Monroe
US Boydton
RU Moscow
US Chicago
US Cheyenne
US Des Moines
US Boardman
US Ashburn
CN Beijing
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Büyük baş HAYVAN

Cogito, ergo sum

Sikin ya SIKIN!

Kuzu etinden sonra dana…
%30 falan INDIRIM…
“KAMU İktisadi devlet teşekkülü bile olsa(…)
Kar amaçlı kurulmamıştır”

İktisadi kelimesi ne demek?
İktisat kelimesi ile Arapça nispet eki –i birleşimiyle oluşan bu ifade, „iktisatla ilgili“ anlamı taşır. Kelimenin diğer anlamları ekonomik, mali durumla ilgili, az masraf yaptıran, hesaplı şeklindedir.
Peki teşekkül kelimesi ne anlama gelir?
1. belli bir varlık ve biçim kazanma, oluşma.
2. kurulma.
Kamu kelimesinin anlamı neydi?
hep, herkes, bütün.
2. ad
bir ülke halkının tümü, halk.

Tekrar okuyalım cümleyi…
Herkese ait hesaplı bir şekilde kazanarak (…)
Ulan OROSPU sen kimin parasını KIME peşkeş çekiyorsun pezevenk?
Bir KAMU kurumu bile olsa, az kar yapsa bile sıfıra sıfır…
Zarar yapar ve VEYA maliyetini karışlayamadığı durumda YINE herkese ait, yani devlet o teşekküle
Destek olmak zorunda kalacaktır.

Ulan OROSPU sen kimin parasını KIME peşkeş çekiyorsun?
Ooorospu çocuğu!

Kurum ve kuruluşları…
Devlet güvenliği hariç, kazanmak zorundadır…
Kâr YAPMAK zorundadır…
Neden pul, bok püsür parası alıyorsun öyleyse?
Ve nasıl ödeyecek devlet onca memuru, nasıl yapacak yolu, okulu…
Hastaneleri vesaire?

Doğru ya…
Seçimler var önünde.

Canim çok acıyor, canim çok acıyor…


Hiermit beantrage ich ganz offiziell Wolodymyr Selenskyj den OSCAR für seine überragenden schauspielerischen Leistungen zu verlein

Die einzige Verschwörungstheorie die Real ist, ist die das selbst im 21. Jahrhundert Macht durch Geld käuflich ist

Über 300 Tausend Arbeitslose werden erwartet…
Kalte Zimmer UND vieles mehr al das müssen wir nicht Leben…
Firmen Pleiten…
Ich scheiße auf die Ukraine, die AMerikaner…
Al das und vieles mehr müssen wir nicht Leben, NEIN…
Müssen wir nicht!

Gestern der Scholz…
Was er ABER vor allem wie er DAS gesagt hat…

Es IST NICHT zu kommentieren. wieder gestern 19:57 auf Welt…
Der Herausgeber des selben…
Habt ihr mitbekommen was alles er gesagt hat?

Heute morgen DIE Tayyip Nachrichten…
DIE UMGEHUNG der Sanktionen…
Sie machen sich richtig lustig darüber…

Und wir LEIDEN.

Könnt ihr euch an meine „Beispiele“ erinnern die ich mal im Zusammenhang mit der Umgehung von „Sanktionen“ gegeben hatte?

Nur mal so:

„Strommangel in der Schweiz
Elcom-Chef rät zum Kauf von Kerzen und Holz
Werner Luginbühl sagt, dass momentan völlig gedankenlos mit Strom umgegangen werde. Und er kritisiert, dass die Politik die Warnungen vor einer Strommangellage zu wenig ernst genommen habe.

Publiziert: 07.08.2022, 09:30


Habt ihr auch nur die entfernteste Ahnung von dem WAS ALLES in Tayyipistan passiert?
Auch DORT Menschen Leiden???

Ich habe es nicht eruiert…
Sie versuchen krampfhaft…
den Dollar UNTER 18 Tayyip Lirasi zu halten…
Es WIRD ihnen NICHT gelingen.

Almanya 04:04 çok sıcak 22 derece. Havada bir şey var, nefes alamıyorum

Cogito, ergo sum

Ter, TER.

Dün 19:57
Alman Welt haberleri, Welt’in “sahibi” konuşuyor…
Şansölyeyi “yeriyor”
Yok kardeşim yok, hepsi…
Sadece birer siyasetçi. Siyasetçiler için ne söylendiğini…
— Bilirsiniz —

Viking kral “Mavi diş”
Haraldr blátǫnn (Harald Blåtand)
Ne alaka, sorma bana…
Öyle bir s.kiyorlar ki bizleri, salak ve alıkları…
Eee hak be…
Eşek olana semer vuran çok olurmuş.

Nefes alamıyorum. Sahiii…
Sembolde bile isminin ILK HARFLERI…